Wedge wire screen

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A slotted mesh is formed with a stainless screen with a V-shaped wire cross-section. It is used to separate solids from liquids, sorting, concentrating, water separation, and so on. The fully-welded structure was first developed in Japan in 1972 with our unique technology. We are proud of its long track record. Many wire and support-rod types are available for a wide range of applications. The slit size is available from 25 μm.

The wedge wire screen is a cylindrical (outer winding of wires) WA screen that is used for various types of strainers and water-collection screens. It is a flat WW screen used to prevent carrier outflow from a water tank and separation/sorting of residues. Cylindrical- and cone-shaped basket screens are used as an outer screen for screw-type water separators and centrifuges to recover, filter, and water-separate raw materials and as an outer screen for crushers.

Characteristics of wedge wire screens

High strength.

Fully-welded construction gives high strength. Our engineers will perform the strength calculation for your specific environment and select an appropriate support rod.

Excellent water-separation ability.

As the wire cross-section is a V-shape, clogging is unlikely to occur and water-separation effect is high.

We accept requests for customizations.

Various processing are possible, such as flat, cylindrical (outer and inner winding), and cone. Various materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, and Hastelloy, can be used.

A minimum slit size of 25 μm.

There are many wire and support-rod types with a wide range of applications. The slit size is available from 25 μm.

Shape of the wires and support rods of the wedge wire screen

The mesh shape is slit. The slit width is available from 25 μm.

Two types of wires are available: WA and WV. The wire width is 0.8–4.0 mm for WA and 1.5–5.0 mm for WV.

Mainly three types of support rods are available: round steel, water drop, and flat bar. The rod width is φ2–φ12 mm for the round steel, 3.8 mm for the water drop, and 0.8–6.0 mm for the flat bar.

round steel
water drop
flat bar

Processing examples of the wedge wire screen

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