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TUFFCLEAN is a screen that was developed to prevent clogging. It prevents clogging and plugging and has a high productivity and durability. Wires processed into a wavy shape are aligned flat and are fixed with polyurethane to create this wire-mesh screen.


The mesh of TUFFCLEAN has a unique structure consisting of rhombuses. It can be used for both horizontally and vertically installed vibrating screens.

TUFFCLEAN characteristics

No clogging.

Unlike the manufacturing method of the conventional woven wire mesh, herein, each wavy wire is not woven but instead independently forms a mesh. Thus, vibrations from the vibrating screen are transmitted differently for each wire, reducing the adhesion between wires and preventing clogging.

High productivity.

Plugging and adhesion between wires are resolved and clogging is prevented, increasing the throughput and improving the productivity.

High durability.

As it does not have such wire-crossing areas as in the conventional woven wire mesh, the sieve surface is flat and has little resistance, thereby providing a hard-to-wear structure.

Introduction examples of TUFFCLEAN

Comparison of the use of TUFFCLEAN

Top, woven wire mesh; bottom, TUFFCLEAN

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