Drum screen

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A drum screen is a device that separates solids from liquids by rotating a cylindrical screen. In each process from water intake to discharge, it can be used in removal, concentration, dehydration, and sorting of SS, sludge, and fine SS.

It is perfect for the following situations: massive amount to be treated, high fat content, highly viscous material, high SS concentration, and limited installation space.

Drum screen types

DSA type


Compared to inclined screens and other preprocessing devices, herein, treatment can be performed by one unit. It is compact but processes large volumes, minimizing the installation space.

The slit is available from 0.1 mm. There is almost no noise or vibration.

It has a compact size and high processing power.

By creating a unit with the high-pressure cleaning device and dehydrator, it becomes compact in size and has a high processing power for solid–liquid separation and sorting. It is also effective for wastewaters with high fat content.

It can be used for purposes other than wastewater treatment.

As various screen slits can be chosen depending on the use, it can be used to clean and dehydrate industrial products and to clean, dehydrate, and sort sand/filter media.

Application of a wedge wire

By applying internal-supply rotary wedge wire, processing power for solid–liquid separation and sorting increases. It is very powerful for in preprocessing. By spraying cleaning water from the inner and outer surfaces, clogging is prevented.

Drum screen options

A drum screen unit contains a high-pressure cleaning pump, tank, and water separator. With high-pressure cleaning, clogging is prevented and sorting effect is increased. Additionally, by passing through the water separator following the solid–liquid sorting process, it is highly effective in reducing water content and increasing the concentration rate.

Drum screens can be customized depending on the installation environment.


High-pressure cleaning device’s pump unit

As the high-pressure washing pump and tank come as a set, it can be used even if high-pressure water is not available. As cleaning water is sprayed at a high pressure, it is very effective in for preventing clogging.

The high-pressure pump unit reuses the treated water

Reusing the water treated by the drum screen as cleaning water reduces water consumption. Impurities in the reprocessed water is collected at the bottom of the pump; solid deposits are automatically removed using the automatic drain.

Screw-type water separator

One drum unit can perform tasks up to screen-residue water separation after solid–liquid separation, which is highly effective in lowering the water content and increasing the concentration ratio.

Introduction examples of drum screens

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Installation location: A laundry-wastewater-treatment plant

Model: DSA-0909

Slit: 1.5 mm

Processing volume: 120 ㎥/H

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