Weaving the future


「Weaving the future-未来を織る」 縦線となる私たちの75年の経験・想いと横線となるお客様の「こんなものが欲しい」という想いを相互に交え織りながら安全な社会・明るい未来に繋がる製品を提供をしていきたいというメッセージが込められています。

Department store of industrial screens.

Ando Screen was founded in 1948 and has been serving the industrial needs as the leading manufacturer of industrial screens. Industrial screens play a crucial role in various fields, such as mining, gravel quarry, iron manufacturing, water treatment, foodstuff, nuclear power, and petrochemistry, mainly to sieve various sizes, ranging from large masses to granules, and to separate solids and liquids. As a department store of industrial screens, we will continue to develop new products while considering the environmental issues and contribute to the development of the society.

Global power with international experiences and knowledge.

Ando Screen began exporting worldwide in 1983.
Products manufactured using our unique, world-class technology are being utilized in various industries and are highly rated worldwide.
Based on our insatiable curiosity for technological development and extensive global business experiences, we will continue to expand into the global market as a manufacturer of industrial screens.

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