Weaving the future

The Department Store of Industrial Screens

Since its founding in 1948, Ando Screen Co., Ltd. has been responding to the needs of the industrial sector as a leading manufacturer of industrial screens. Industrial screens play a crucial role in a variety of fields such as mining, quarry, steelmaking, water treatment, food production, nuclear power, and petrochemicals. They are primarily used for sieving materials of various sizes, from large chunks to fine particles, and for separating solids from liquids. As the department store of industrial screens, our company will continue to develop new products with consideration for environmental issues, contributing to the advancement of society.

Since 1948

"Weaving the future"
This message embodies our mission to create products that contribute to a safer society and a brighter future by interweaving our 75 years of experience and passion, represented by the vertical rope, with our customers' needs, represented by the horizontal rope.

Global Strength with International Experience and Knowledge

Since 1983, Ando Screen has been exporting its products worldwide.
Our unique, world-class technology is utilized in various industries and is highly regarded globally.
Driven by our insatiable curiosity for technological development and extensive international business experience, we will continue to expand our presence in the global market as a leading industrial screen manufacturer.


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