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S.S. screen is a screen that efficiently separates and removes SS and suspended solids from sewage and wastewater. By using it as a preprocessing device, the postprocess load can be substantially reduced. It is also compact in size and has a high processing power. As the wastewater-release regulations are becoming more strict, this screen is attracting attention as a preprocessing device with the maximum effect, in addition to low costs for such processes.

S.S. screen types

S types (rotating screen)


As the screen rotates, cleaning its backside becomes easy. As it requires no power, there are no running costs such as that of the electricity.

Easy maintenance.

When cleaning the screen backside, the screen can be rotated, making it easy to be maintained.

No vibration and noise.

As it is fixed and uses no power, there are no concerns over vibration or noise.

Easy installation.

Small installation area.

Zero running cost.

Washing the backside of the screen requires no power; therefore, there is no cost for it.

B type (with a backside brush for cleaning)


A backside rotary brush device is installed to prevent clogging of the screen. It rotates laterally along the screen slits and cleans the screen. By preventing clogging, high solid–liquid sorting efficiency can be obtained.

High solid–liquid sorting effect

The backside brush runs along the backside of the screen while rotating, allowing continuous operation without clogging.

Reduction in the running cost.

As the driving power of the brush is 100W, the running cost is low. Suitable operations for the brush drive according to situations can be selected, such as “continuous operation,” “intermittent operation by timer,” and “only when there is an inflow of raw water.”

Odor and appearance issues are solved

If there is an issue related to odors or residues with “standard type (open type),” we then propose “closed type.” In the case of the closed type, a box is accommodated in the casing to catch the residues, solving pest issues, appearance issues, and neighbor complaints.

S.S. screen options

Two options (S-HC type and HY-Drop type) are available for S.S. screens.

S-HC type (with a high-pressure cleaning device)

Wastewater with a high fat content and high SS concentration can be treated.

Wastewater with a high fat content and high SS concentration can be treated, which used to be difficult with a conventional screen. As wastewater treatment often causes clogging, a high-pressure cleaning device is quite effective in removing the clogs.

Easy to clean.

Timer-controlled cleaning and cleaning with an attached manual gun make it easy for maintenance. Two nozzle types are available for the cleaning: one-nozzle and two-nozzle types. We propose a line-up of models depending on various treatment volumes.

Post-installation is possible.

It can be installed to a screen in use.

S-HC type
High-pressure cleaning device
Pump unit

Introduction examples for S-HC type (with a high-pressure cleaning device)

HY-Drop type (hydrophilic coating Zero Clear®️)

Stains are hard to be attached due to self-cleaning.

As water beads are not formed by surface tension and water does not run on the screen, the solid–liquid separation effect is improved. For fat and stains, the hydrophilic coating has the highest affinity to water and has self-cleaning effect, wherein water enters between the fat and coating and washes out the fat. Therefore, it is highly effective for preventing clogging.

The slit size is available from 75 μm.

The self-cleaning effect allows treating discharge with high fat content, which has been difficult to process with screens alone, and treating with thin slits. Therefore, it is the perfect type for clients who wish to avoid the use of water for discharge or do not require a high-pressure cleaning device.

Before washing with water
Washing with water once
Washing with water twice

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