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TUFFDECK is made with wear-resistant polyurethane with special reinforcement inside. It is made as per orders and depending on the use, such as dry/wet sorting, washing, and water separation for crushed stone, gravel, ore, etc.


A hook type and WS85-panel type are available for TUFFDECK. Both types have high durability and accurate dimensions owing to machine finishing. It can be used for sieving in environments with 80℃ or lower temperatures. Ando Screen Co., Ltd. has concluded a technical collaboration agreement with Isenmann Siebe GmbH, Germany. We have the exclusive manufacturing and sales rights in Japan.

Magnetic liner WS 2.10

It is a new type of protective liner that has a strong magnet embedded in wear-resistant polyurethane.

Characteristics of TUFFDECK

Long life with a dramatically reduced maintenance cost.

Long life with a dramatically reduced maintenance cost. Polyurethane with an excellent wear resistance has superior durability, such as “no corrosion,” “resistant to wear,” and “no rust,” compared to other materials. Compared to a typical woven screen and perforated screen, it has 3–4 times longer life, dramatically reducing the maintenance cost. Additionally, the WS85 panel type is very economical because only worn parts can be replaced.

Excellent sieve efficiency and over-crushing prevention.

The tapered mesh minimizes clogging. As the mesh is flat with no arch, raw materials do not disperse laterally, realizing a high sieve efficiency due to accurate sorting. Flexibility of the material can prevent excess crushing of sieved materials.

We accept requests for customizations.

The mesh style and size can be flexibly selected according to your needs. Both types have accurate dimensions owing to the machine finishing.

Screen replacement is easy.

Compared to metal screens, it is light and can be carried by one person. Installation is easy. As it is a panel type, it is easy to stack and store.

Low noise level.

As the material is soft, contact noise with the processed material is low. The work environment is improved, contributing to the noise countermeasures for neighborhood residents.

Introduction examples of TUFFDECK

TUFFDECK mesh types

⚫︎ Injection:Wedge (width of 0.25–2.5 mm) and cloud types (width of 0.3–3.2 mm) can be manufactured for sieving fine grains and for water separation. It is highly durable; clogging is limited. It has a high water-separation effect.

⚫︎ Magnet:It does not use a conventional structure to attach the WS85 panel. Installation using a knock bar is not required. Magnet is installed on the backside of the panel so that the panel can be placed directly over the girder to be fixed in place. It dramatically reduces the time to install it in a narrow sieve.

⚫︎ TUFFLEX:The WS85 panel uses TUFFLEX for areas where clogging of the sieve by a large amount of dust or sand must be reduced or for areas where large area opening is required.

⚫︎ Rubber:When sieving especially large sized raw materials, it alleviates shock and noise and prevents wearing. It can be attached to the WS85 panel–type structure.

⚫︎ ︎SPM (perforated sheet):Perforated thin sheets. It is effective for sieving viscous raw materials with high water content and materials easy to be clogged. With the secondary vibration similar to the surface vibration of a taiko drum, clogging and adhesion of powder are prevented.

⚫︎ Wire-mesh pinching: AWS85 panel-size wire mesh is placed on a knock bar and then firmly hammered down with the upper TUFFDECK part. Easy replacement of the screen.

SPM (perforated sheet)
Wire-mesh pinching

TUFFDECK processing

Processing methods such as hook, trommel, and WS 85 are available, depending on applications and requests.


TUFFDECK options

As optional parts, various parts for protecting the frame area are available on request.


Magnetic liner WS 2.10

A wear-resistant liner with a strong neodymium magnet is embedded in our own wear-resistant polyurethane.

It has been well received since its initial release and is being used in various places.

[Main uses]

It is used in input hoppers, discharge chutes, troughs, cyclones, air separators, conveyor head chutes, conveyor skirting, and vibrating screens (pipes, sides, vibrating bodies, feed boxes, and discharge chutes).


Shorter work time

As it simply adheres to surfaces that need protection, its mounting is simple.

Easy to cut on site

The liner can be cut easily with a knife. *Excluding the magnet.

Customizable to any size

As it is a molded product, it can be fabricated in any thickness, shape, or dimensions.

No parts or tools required

Mounting bolt or tool is not required.

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