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TUFFLEX is a polyurethane screen produced with our unique technology. The corresponding production facility is built with in-house-designed and -developed machines. It is used in various industries (e.g., iron manufacturing, mining, rubble production, water treatment, and recycling) not only in Japan but globally through many overseas agencies.

TUFFLEX is an polyurethane screen consisting of vertical and horizontal lines.

The material is wear-resistant polyurethane. Synthetic fibers pass through the inside of the vertical lines, whereas wires pass through the inside of the horizontal lines, making it lighter and flexible compared to a metal wire mesh.

Characteristics of TUFFLEX

Long life.

Compared to the conventional wire mesh, it uses polyurethane material, which exhibits an excellent wear resistance. It has an opening ratio equivalent to that of the wire mesh and 3–8 times more wear resistance.

Superior sieve efficiency.

As the material is soft, clogging by secondary vibration is unlikely. Even if it becomes clogged, there is no entanglement (unlike that in a wire mesh), making it easy to remove powders. Wires are welded at every 3–5 intersections (skip welding). In this manner, adhesion of powders and clogging can be prevented with strong secondary vibration and wire contact motion.

Screen replacement is easy.

As it is light and flexible, it can be rolled to a small size for transportation. Even a screen with a large mesh can be carried by one person. Installation is easy even in a narrow space.

Low noise level.

As the material is soft, contact noise with the processed material is low. The work environment is improved, contributing to the noise countermeasures for neighborhood residents.

Introduction examples of TUFFLEX

TUFFLEX mesh shape and welding type.

The mesh shapes are square and slotted. The square mesh has full welding and skip welding.

In the partially welding, intersections of vertical and horizontal lines are welded at every 4–5 lines. In vertical lines, the secondary vibration is enhanced, minimizing adhesion of powders. It is mainly used for dry fine-grain sorting.

partially welding
partially welding

TUFFLEX tension & boltdown system

Processing methods include hook machining and ball milling.

hook machining
ball milling

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